Dental Implants

Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants

A single implant can revitalize your entire smile, restore your ability to eat and speak, and give you a reason to smile again. Dr. Smith uses the most recent techniques and the highest quality materials to provide a solution that looks and functions just like your natural teeth.

We use Nobel Implants so we can address all levels of indications. As the market leader in driving the development of new implant standards and protocols, we rely on these solutions to provide the results you expect.

How It Works

First, we install a titanium implant. The bone in your jaw will naturally fuse to titanium, creating a bond that is just as strong as a natural root. Procelain crowns.

This crown looks just like your natural teeth and is custom made to fit perfectly in the space left for it. It will be indistinguishable from your other teeth when you smile, you can still eat all your favorite foods, and you can clean and maintain it just like your regular teeth.

Don’t Wait

Missing teeth – even when you can’t see them – can lead to serious problems. The remaining teeth can start to shift positions, changing your bite pattern. You can also start to lose some of the bone structure in your jaw.

Don’t wait to get your teeth replaced, whether you need a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even the full arch.

Dr. Smith with work with you to determine your options and help you make the best decision for your overall dental health.

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