Composite Fillings

Use Composite Fillings to Repair Your Teeth

Modern, composite fillings are used to repair teeth that have been damaged or suffered some decay. Metal fillings are a thing of the past, because composite is strong, durable, and matches the natural color of your teeth.

We can use composite fillings for a wide range of corrective procedures, including:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Cavities
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Closing the space between teeth

These fillings can last for many years, so you can show off your smile without feeling self-conscious of your “metal mouth.” And if you already have some amalgam fillings, we can replace them with the more cosmetically pleasing option.

A Corrective and Cosmetic Technique

These tooth-colored fillings are an affordable and aesthetic option compared to the old and unsightly amalgam, and the sooner you get in to take care of these cavities the sooner we can restore your smile. Don’t let small problems get out of control because you’re worried about adding more metal to your mouth. We’ll fill the cavity and have you smiling as you leave the office.

Fillings can be placed in a single appointment. We’ll remove all the decay and thoroughly clean the area before the composite is used. We may have to take extra precautions if the cavity was near the nerve of the tooth, but we’ll always talk to you about the procedure and what needs to be done.

As soon as it’s placed, shaped, and polished, we’ll provide a few instructions on the care and treatment of your fillings, though you can expect to return to your normal eating habits soon enough.

Make an appointment today and stop tooth decay before it causes more serious problems.