Cleanings & Prevention

Get Professional and Thorough Dental Cleanings

Our professional dental cleanings will be performed by registered and experienced dental hygienists. This is an important part of your regular checkup because it will give us a chance to:

  • Remove tartar buildup – Calculus (tarter) starts to build up on your teeth when plaque has been left to its own devices. It turns hard and doesn’t want to let go of the tooth surface. Once it starts to form beneath the gum line, it requires special dental instruments to get it out. We’ll make sure to clean it all off and protect your teeth.
  • Remove plaque – Plaque is a stick film that builds up on your teeth. It’s almost invisible and most of it can be removed through brushing and flossing. Some of it, though, can be hard to get, and the bacteria that live there will produce toxins that inflame the gums and lead to cavities. A professional-level cleaning will remove it all.
  • Polish your teeth – We can quickly remove some of the stains and plaque that can’t normally be removed through brushing and scaling.

A High Level of Care

Dr. Jared Smith and his entire staff are dedicated to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile. Even a simple cleaning is a critical part of this process, and our state-of-the-art technology and procedures will ensure that even the simplest of treatments will have the greatest impact.

You can experience a positive and relaxing environment when you arrive for your appointment. We want to make sure you get the level of personalized care that you deserve.

Contact us today to set up an appointment and make sure you’re getting complete dental care.